20lb Inkjet 24″ Roll

Inkjet Roll Bond 20 of 24-in rolls 100-ft, 150-ft, 300-ft or even 500-ft are as canvas to the ink.  One has to have enough 20lb Inkjet Bond 24″ Wide to make things happen.

24″ Inkjet Bond Paper is 20# Paper from Inkjet Rolls that create the white canvas for blueprints, plotter bond and other 20lb inkjet large-format printing paper 24″ x 300′ matches wide-layout printers. For years the cost effective had a barrier.  The Xerox of the world did not reflect Inkjet Technology which meant no Inkjet Bond for those guys. Until the Xerox Wide Format IJP 2000 High-Quality, Amazingly Fast Output Inkjet Printer Bonded the Worlds surprise. One will find the IJP wide format printer allows single pass vibrant bond color printing at 4250 square feet per hour on a range of inkjet media, propelling profit..

Now that Xerox, Kyocera and other are getting into the Inkjet Print Head race becomes more competitive to be better, stronger and faster that predecessors and the rolls get bigger and heavier, in turn, allows more print time, more up and running time, less time changing rolls. Today, one can Get 24 x 300 Inkjet Bond Paper 20#LB while you require a surprisingly white legitimate presentation or exchange show. Our high-qualification surface covering proceeds with your print watching striking whether you are using dark ink or a spot of shading.
Center Roll Core: 2
Wt in Pounds per square inch – 20lb 75.2gsm
24 large inches inkjet
150 Yards roll out of each  roll
Brightness – ninety two
Opacity – ninety one%
Smoothness – a hundred and fifty